safety officer duties and qualifications

Every employer that employs forklifts operators shall comply with OSHA’s latest 29 CFR 1910.178 regulation. The establishment regardless of the size and nature of business shall comply with this rule. The company shall conduct continuing safety programs for all workers to supply them with competence and qualifications to perform their job safely and securely. This could either be accomplished by hiring a safety officer or send the personnel to training school for education.

The training course shall be composed of theory and practical demonstration. Provisions of adequate facilities such as training venues, appropriate heavy equipment, reading materials, access to online materials, must be at employer’s expense. The company shall make use of every effort to maintain healthy and sound working environment for all personnel and to control and even mitigate the occurrence of risk and danger associated in working with heavy equipments like forklifts.

Here are the things an employer can do to appoint and hire a safety officer:

Duties of the Safety Officer

The appointment of safety officer will depend on the number of workers you have under your roof. The federal state where you are in may or may not require you this. But it is a good idea to have one even the state law does not require it. It is always important to have an officer in place of employment.

  • The duties of safety officer are to assist and give advice for the execution of the company’s safety program and work of personnel in safely manner (with risk analysis).
  • He shall also make sure the compliance with OSHA related rules and provisions that everything must be cohered with by the company.
  • He shall assist with the assigned or designated supervisor or manager for the development of safety program and its implementation.
  • To make assessment of the workers’ performance, and train operators found to have lacking knowledge. The assessment could be done in regular interval. The more frequent it is, the better the outcome.
  • To assist the authority during a safety visit is also the assignment of the safety officer. An OSHA inspector may knock on the door and perform a surprise inspection. He shall help in the inspection and comply with what the inspector requires.
  • He shall conduct the training of newly-employed personnel, if it does contain in the safety program. However, there could be some instances that an induction may not be required. Revising a safety program to contain an induction for new workers could be done to improve safety awareness.

Qualifications of Safety Consultant

  • He shall possess related degree in occupational safety and health. The degree may vary depending on what nature of business your company is in.
  • A qualified safety officer shall have an experience of at least three years as practioner in the field of occupational safety.
  • He should taken the necessary training required by OSHA and accomplished requirements by the hiring manager.
  • If the state or country requires safety consultant or organization to be registered/accredited, he must comply with what the laws of the country or state requires.
  • Level or certificate in occupational safety and health shall also mean good qualifications. You as hiring manager, must exercise thorough assessment of the officer. Know the level of experience the officer has will help you out in choosing the right one for the company.

The employment of safety officer in full time basis can help the company attain its goal. As a hiring manger, you will be responsible for the company execution of policies in health and safety.

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