safety committee membersIn every workplace, whether large or small, a health and safety committee shall be established in order to respond to needs of the workers. It shall be organized to protect the welfare and wellbeing of the people. The employer shall initiate its creation and let the workers be a member of in order to provide a chance for workers group to participate in program planning and implementation. The committee shall be periodically change its members to give way for others serve the safety program.   

Who Shall Form Part of the Safety Committee?

If the company has more than a hundred workers, the following shall compose the safety committee:

Chairman: This general manager or who seconded in command. He must be the top operating official of the company.

Members: Department managers or supervisors, five workers representatives, if company is unionized, it is much easier to pick who will represent the workers.

Secretary: a safety officer or who delegated to perform the task of overseeing the safety of workers could be a secretary.

If the committee covers the health aspect, the company doctor and nurse shall also be included in the committee. In some committee setup at least half of the workers are members.

Duty of Each Member

The Chairman shall write policies on different aspects of concerns. A safety procedure must be written that adhere to current safety standard. The employer/chairman shall make sure that procedures to be written shall cover the different risks and hazards associated with the daily work transaction conducted by the workers. The employer, as the owner of the business, shall allocate funding the creation and implementation of the safety programs. The chairman also has the obligation to report to government body status of the safety committee when required.

The duty of the workers covered by the safety programs shall work in accordance with the written procedure. Obeys the policies and practices to eliminate dangers in the daily work routine. The workers shall report accidents (near miss, property damage, vehicle accidents, etc) so that supervisors can act accordingly. The workers also expected to report unsafe work practices being done by other workers they witness so that supervisors can remove potential hazards that could lead to serious accident. The workers are also expected to cooperate with the rules being implemented by the safety committee. Participates in the regular housekeeping to keep the surroundings clean and free from potential hazardous materials.

The safety man or commonly called as safety officer perform the function as consultant of the safety program. He’s designated to remove bad habits of the workers and correct their bad attitude towards safety at work. His duties not only limited to this, but also includes: preparation of safety meeting agenda and minutes, report to other members during safety meeting about the recommended actions made during the previous meeting’s agenda, arrange safety meeting and invites all concerns to participate, submit to the chairman about the reports of activities, actions taken, suggestions to be made.

In addition to this, a safety man also acts as counselor on all subjects about workplace safety so that workers can be guided accordingly. The most important role of the safety man is conduct investigation of accident and make recommendation to prevent reoccurrence. He shall also maintain record of accidents and make statistics to be incorporated to the report when required. He shall participate in the safety inspection either be performed by the chairman or government authority.

It is best recommended to have a permanent safety man to supervise the overall safety concerns of the workplace. He will report directly to the chairman of the committee.

Roles of the Safety Committee

The safety committee is the one making the arrangement of the safety programs, its execution. The committee is also the one responsible for building the guiding principles, this includes:

  • Develops blueprints for mitigation and prevention of industrial accidents.
  • Makes sure that the safety program is in line with government regulations and in accordance with the current standard.
  • Makes sure that safety committee meeting is being held periodically to have better communication between members.
  • Performs gathering of accident reports and acts accordingly when needed.
  • Performs internal audit when needed by the authority or company official.
  • Spreads health and safety advocacies at the workplace.
  • Assists government representatives or authorities in the performance of inspection whenever necessary.
  • Leads the routine housekeeping of the company.
  • Lays the plan for the safety training of the workers.
  • Develops an emergency evacuation plan to manage emergency incidences.

To Sum It Up

The safety committee occupies very important part in preventing work accidents and raising workers’ participation for the execution of the safety programs. Every member must exercise duly diligence in the performance of their roles in order to make the program succeed in long term.

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