How to buy a forklift man basket for your workersAre you searching for a man basket for your workers? Well, I was once in your situation before, when I required a basket for my colleagues, I probed the market to buy the best one. I’ve stumbled upon many promotions from companies that claim their product is the best in the market.

Are you also fed up of reading promotional materials of these companies endorsing their products to you and claiming that their baskets are more superior than others? Why would you trust them? Just because they have better sales tactics and attractive websites, they claim to be the best?

Now, if you arrive here in this guide, that’s because you are smart enough to find the basket that really suits not only to your need but also in compliance with the regulations.

You are doing the correct move to look for what’s right for your application before making the final decision of buying.

Before I go on with this guide, let me explain to you why would you require a man cage: A forklift man basket is a necessity when performing a job at elevated heights safely and securely. And because we don’t want such accidents to happen, we need the appropriate basket that follows OSHA approved standard.

Specifications of Forklift Man Basket You Should Know When Buying 

Weigh of the Basket

A man basket can occupy two average weight individuals and can accommodate materials these two workers need.

In order to utilize a forklift safety basket at work, consider the working load limit (WLL) of the forklift to be used for lifting. The truck must have a load capacity equivalent to or greater than five (5) times the combined weight of the basket in addition to its safe working capacity (weight of worker/s and materials inside the cage).

To make a sample calculation, let’s say, the weight of the basket is 100kg. and the safe working capacity is 300kg., to compute this: prevalent

100kg + 300kg = 400kg.
400kg X 5 = 2,000kg.

To conclude, the fork truck to be used must have at least 2,000kg. minimum load capacity.

Number of Workers Can Accommodate

Man basket can be used by workers to accomplish different tasks in the warehouse or industrial site such as picking up of orders, maintaining inventory, changing of light bulbs or electrical fixtures, carry out warehouse maintenance, paint roofs or walls, installing overhead plumbing, and many other various duties. These duties can be accomplished by one or several individuals.

Man basket can accommodate a single person or multiple workers. When buying a basket will also depend on the type of work you need it for.

With that being considered, the forklift’s working load limit (WLL) will base with the number of workers the basket can accommodate.

Length of the Forks

Underneath the basket, you can find two slots for the forks. The worker inserts the forks to the slots, ensure that the length of the forks can go through the other end of the slots. The basket is then secured with a safety chain.

When buying a man basket, first measure the length of the forks of the truck you want to attach the basket to, and compare the length of the slots. Make sure that the cage can contain the entire length of the forks.

Other safety Considerations:

Consider also the control levers of the truck

The truck to be used must be equipped with a mechanical lockout to avert the unintentional use of the tilt and side shift controls when the forklift is operational and the basket is in use.

Provisions on the Use of Forklift Man Basket

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178(a)(4)

Additions such as fork extension and man basket or any modification to the forklift can affect the load capacity and safe operation of the truck. The forklift manufacturer prohibits such addition or alteration unless they allow it so. The manufacturer can write an approval to the customer or user permitting such addition.

Now in the event OSHA inspector visited your site premise and cited violation on the use of the man cage, the inspector wants you to produce documented evidence that the forklift to be fitted with man cage has a written approval from the manufacturer, aside from the record that such training has been supplied to the workers for the proper use of the work platform.

This is the common mistake the users commit when buying a man basket. They fail to contact the forklift manufacturer to secure written approval.


This rule forbids the use of modified, unsafe and improper forklift work platform. This rule deals with the technical specifications of the safety features of the man basket. These features include adequate railings, provision of safety hook points for the harness of the person being lifted, secure attachment of the platform to the forklift carriage with safety chain, guard rail and locking access gate to protect workers and climbing off the platform doors.

Top Brands of Forklift Man Basket

Sidasu Forklift Safety Cage 1150LBS Capacity with 4 Universal Wheels Forklift Work Platform 36x36 Inches, Forklift Aerial Platform Collapsible Lift Basket, Aerial Rails for Lifting Loader

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Sulythw 36”×36”, 800lbs Capacity Forklift Safety Cage Work Platform with 3 Chains Collapsible Heavy Duty Steel Construction Lift Basket Aerial Rails

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YINTATECH Forklift Cage Work Platform Safety Cage Collapsible Heavy Duty Steel Construction Lift Basket Aerial Rails 36x36 inches 1105lbs Capacity

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BestEquip Forklift Man Basket 36"x36" for 1 or 2 People, Forklift Saften Cage 1102 Lbs, Aerial Work Platform with 8.2"x2.9" Slot, Foldable for Changing Lights, Painting, Roof Repair, Tree Service

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Safety Reminders for Forklift Operators and Passengers

  • Only those trained and qualified personnel should be allowed to work in the platform, workers must take appropriate training especially the forklift operator who will hoist the workers.
  • The forklift to be used must adhere to the specification requirements of the man basket.
  • All forklift’s operation controls, safety features and mechanical condition of the forklift must be inspected and complied to ensure the safety of the workers.
  • Prior to hoisting, ensure that the basket is firmly attached to the mast and forks, also check the balance of the platform.
  • Workers must wear proper PPE prior to the commencement of work. Fall protection device such harness must be provided to the workers.
  • Forklift operator should maintain the forklift in a stationary position when workers are working at height. Never transport the workers while they are in the elevation.

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