Most of the companies, if not all, oblige newly-hired forklift operators to undergo certain kinds of testing and evaluation to measure traits and characteristics to help them gauge ability of the individual to handle a particular kind of work. In particular, the tests are meant to calculate the mental, psychological, motor and physical capabilities of the forklift driver, likewise, the test is also use to determine the disposition attitude, personality and achievements.

Therefore, it’s better to understand the series of evaluations you might be given when you are getting hired as forklift operator, so that you can be prepared on your mental, physical and other important skills that might possible be evaluated.

IQ Test

This test is common, somehow you had this test in the past. This generally quantify a variety of abilities and traits of the of the forklift driver, such as vocabulary, verbal fluency, memory, mastery of English, driving capability and numerical ability.

Aptitude Test

These tests are intended to assess the forklift operator’s ability to learn and execute a job assignment and his ability to gather additional work-related skills and capabilities to make a good decision while at work. They examine forklift driver’s psychomotor and mechanical aptitude.

Proficiency Test

Depending on the kind of forklift job (whether operator, trainer, team leader, etc) you are pursuing and type of truck you will be operating, these tests rate how skillful or educated you are at a particular job assignment. (such as moving loads safely, delivery of forklift training, supervisor and many others).

Personality / Psychological Test

Tailored to determine personality traits such as enthusiasm, temperament, moods, likes and dislikes and stability. They also indicate some aspects of an applicant’s personality that are required for the particular kind of work.

Physical Examination

A standard check up and evaluation to determine the forklift driver’s physical condition to see if he or she is physically fit and able for the job.

It’s not really that crucial that you get the highest or best scores in these tests. Forklift operators simply want to have their prospective new truck driver fall within some fairly good level. Not everybody who have good backgrounds and experience do well as employees, and some applicants who may have fair scores in an aptitude test still do remarkably well in the workplace.


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