Where Can You Go To Take the Forklift Training? the obvious answer is at the trade school. They have facilities and competent trainer.

Now that you are fully decided that you want to become a forklift operator, you need to obtain a license in order to get accepted for a job. Most industrial operation that utilized powered industrial trucks (PIT) such as forklift requires that drivers must be certified to follow the standards and legislation. This is not an ordinary requirement but something mandatory obliged by law. With good reason, in the US there are thousands of forklift-related accidents every year, many caused serious bodily injuries and dozens lead to fatalities.

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Where can you receive your certification?

This is the most frequent question we hear from students, here we will enlighten you about the issues about getting your forklift license. Here are the methods to receive your forklift training.

Employer sponsored training

When you are presently employed, your safety trainer can provide the training on the job. It is your employer’s accountability to give such training for all PIT drivers. In the US, OSHA, the leading authority, does not certify operators but rather lay out standards for all businesses and individuals to follow. They monitor compliance by facilitating random company inspection. If employer found to be violating the rules, they can be fined for $7,000 or more depending on the severity, and if fatal accidents happened, employer could face criminal liability. The law is strict and stern.

Attending a course at a training school

In Australia, training schools are called registered training organizations (RTOs). The primary duty of the training school is to teach you how to drive forklifts specific to what you need. In Australia, classes of licenses are LO and LF, you need to specify the license you need when enrolling. While in the US, the training course must be specific to the type, brand and specifications of the machine you will be operating. A large fraction of the training deals with safe driving. Your lectures will include power point presentation and video presentation. After the lecture, you will need to pass the test.

There are several reasons why would you opt to register in a training school.

First, you are a novice wanting to be acquainted driving forklifts and intending to be certified to get accepted for a job. An individual can enroll in a training provider near his location, attend the 4-hour classroom lecture, pass the written examination and get your driving skills evaluated by the instructor, when all is done, and you are adequately rated by the instructor, he will recommend you for certification. You will be given a certificate of accomplishment and operator card. You can show those to your prospective boss as your confirmation that you’ve completed the forklift training.

In this website, we’ve provided list of training schools by state and RTOs by territory where can you take your certification. Contact them and inquire about what you need. Ask about the cost of the training, schedule and duration, particulars of the course, application requirements, in some circumstances, also ask about if they can provide you job assistance after the training.

Second reason why would you enroll in a training school is because your company does not have such training facility and certified trainer to conduct the training. To comply with the law, the employer will send you to a training school to receive the training, as setback, you will be away from work for a day or two. You will get paid while off work attending the training.

Online Certification

There are a handful of training schools/companies that provide training online. You just need an internet connection and you can get the training anytime and anywhere. It opposes the OSHA ruling that forklift training must compose of classroom lectures and hands-on driving. I am not a believer of this method. A question always pops out of my mind – could an operator be really certified through online training? In my opinion, definitely, no!

Where can you go to get forklift licence?

The method you will choose may depend on your situation. If you are unemployed and want to shift to this career, you need to be enrolled in a school. If you’re current working, ask your employer to arrange much needed training. If you have packed schedule and don’t have time to attend the training, you can avail the online course.

There you are folks, I’ve just explained where you can go to receive your training. I look forward for your best career as forklift operator. Always bear in mind to be certified, and be safe!

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