Do I Need USI Number to Take Forklift Training

Starting from January 1, 2015, the government of Australia has initiated the introduction of Unique Student Identifier (USI). All students who are taking a nationally recognized training, including those trainees who are taking forklift training, shall be required to apply for USI number. The number neither expires nor needs renewal.

It is a reference number tracking a person’s online record. The record keeps all your qualifications, trainings and its results obtained from registered training organizations in Australia. There may be some training organizations that do not require students to have USI when applying for training, however, a person will required to have USI before he can be issued with training completion certificate. Students no need to worry because the training organization can assist trainees in applying for USI.

So when you are taking forklift training, USI number is considered necessary.

Benefits of Having USI

  • The applicant can prove who he was when seeking employment. Since, it can be checked online, the applicant can give prospective employer a glimpse of his records and qualifications for the job.
  • It is one of the requirements when applying for High Risk Work license. The trainer or assessor will ask for USI during the forklift practical assessment.
  • The person can easily supply his VET records to training organization when he was asked for it.
  • USI record is one accurate source of information about job applicant’s qualifications, the employer can easily check records of the applicant eliminating fraud in documentation.
  • USI is needed when student is enrolling or re-enrolling for forklift training course, skills set, diploma course or any others that are considered nationally recognized training.

When You’re Taking Forklift Training and You Don’t Have USI Yet

Application of USI number can be done either by you or by the training organization with consent from you. If you don’t have one, here’s what you need to do to get one.

Step 1 – Since USI is unique, you can only have one. It stays with you for life. The first step to take is to make sure you don’t have one yet. If you are a training organization and you want to check if student does not have yet, you can do by carrying out an “Existing USI Search”. Follow this link if you want to perform search.

Training organization applying for USI on behalf of the student must require the student to provide two or more valid IDs. It is recommended to have several IDs when applying so that when there’s trouble in other IDs, there would be a backup.

Here are the forms of IDs an applicant ca provide: driver’s license, birth certificate, Immi Card, Medicare card, Certificate of Registration by Descent, Australian Passport, citizenship certificate, and visa (if applicant is a student from other country).

Step 2 – Go to Unique Student Identifier organization portal. Log in here. When logging in, you will be required to adhere to the terms and conditions. I highly recommend for you to thorough read the terms and understand the conditions. 

Step 3 - Click create USI. A form will appear. Fill in the student’s personal and contact information . If you are the one applying on behalf of the student, this is when having many IDs of the student will come in handy. You can refer to other IDs if you have difficulty understanding details not present in others.

You will be needed supply two or more contact details of you/student. You will also be asked by the system to provide what form of ID is used in filling up the application form.

Step 4 – After completing filling in the details, hit submit, the system will process the application, when accepted, your Unique Student Identifier reference number will be displayed on the screen.

Step 5 – The applicant will also receive their USI either by email, phone or through postal mail using the mailing address provided in the application.

Since, the USI is composed of randomized series of number and letters (alphanumeric), it may be hard for student to remember this. The best I advice I can give is to keep it somewhere safe. You can input it in your phone, email it to your secondary email or write it in your note.

When accessing your USI account, you will be required to create your own password and set two security questions. Accessing it for the first time is very much the same thing as applying for an email address.

Here's the Video to Guide You Through This


To Conclude This

Applying for USI is required when taking forklift training. You cannot be issued with certificate of attainment if you don’t have one. Don’t worry, application is very easy and it only takes minutes to apply and it is free.

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