Obtaining a forklift licence in Blacktown is necessary if you would like to get into the job of material handling in warehouses, logistics and manufacturing businesses. You need to take forklift training and be emerged capable and knowledgeable to operate forklift truck. And since, forklift driving is considered high risk work in Australia, you need to apply for HRW licence after taking the forklift training course.

If you are looking for information on how and where to apply for the course and apply for licence, then, you are at the right place. We’ve made this tutorial especially for you. We’ve prepared this to make it easy for you to get your licence in no time.

If you are an employer who are seeking forklift training for workers, this guide also applies to you.

How to Apply for Forklift Training

  1. Forklift Licence in Blacktown NSW AustraliaDistinguish what kind of fork truck you are planning to operate. Determining the exact equipment has a two-fold reason. First, the training course you will be taking must be matched with the type of truck you want to drive. Second, there are two HRW licence categories you can apply for after taking the training course: the LF and LO licence. The forklift you want to operate will fall into one of these categories. If you want to operate counterbalance forklift, then you need an LF licence, on the other hand, if you will operate an order picker, you need an LO licence. For more information, see below detail on this.
  2. There are prerequisites on taking the forklift training course and submitting the application for HRW licence. Complete these requirements. See below for more complete details:
  3. Find a forklift training school in blacktown. See below list for your reference. The training school is also called registered training organization (RTO). They offer the highest quality training so that students can emerge competent and knowledgeable to operate the truck and do the job well.
  4. Take the formal and practical trainings. When you are enrolled for a training course, you will undergo formal (classroom) and practical (actual driving) trainings.
  5. Take the written test. At the end of the classroom training, you will take an exam to gauge the knowledge you’ve gained.
  6. Take the practical driving assessment. You will also take the driving assessment, this is usually administered by RTO assessor/trainer.
  7. Get your certificate. When you are successful, you will receive your certificate of attainment and notice of assessment. These are two of the requirements you need to submit when lodging application for HRW licence. See below on how to lodge your application for HRW licence.

Forklift Training Schools in Blacktown

  • Australian Forklift Training- Blacktown Training Centre, 1/3-5 Tattersall Rd, Blacktown, Phone: 1300 799 112
  • Licences 4 work - Unit 3, 1 Melissa Place Kings Park (Blacktown) NSW 2148, Phone: (02) 8292 0111
  • Ace Forklift Assessing Pty Ltd - 02 8999 4383, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Absolute Forklift Training - Unit 2 / 36 Abbott Road, Seven Hills, Blacktown, Sydney, NSW 2147, Telephone: (02) 8678 3444, Fax: (02)8678 3445
  • Des's Driving School – Tel: 02 9821 1714, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Difference Between LF and LO HRW forklift Licence

An LO (TLILIC2002) licenced forklift operator is qualified to drive load shifting order picker truck and very narrow aisle (VNA) truck also called turret truck. Forklifts that fall into the category of LO raise the operator and load together to elevation and the operator is required to wear safety harness attached to a lanyard. The operational controls of the truck are integrated in the carriage so that operator can maneuver and raise the platform to required heights for better view and material manipulation.

On the other hand, LF (TLILIC2001A) licenced operator is trained to operate counterbalance fork trucks, all-terrain forklifts, truck-mounted forklifts. The truck is controlled in the driver seat and it doesn’t raise the operator to elevation. Operator is only required to wear safety belt when driving.

You cannot drive forklifts classified as LO if you have an LF licence and vice versa.

It is very important to understand the difference so that you can make a right choice in taking forklift training and applying for a HRW licence.

Forklift Operator Training Requirements

When taking the training course:

  • Must have Unique Student Identifier (USI). If you don’t have USI number yet, you can follow this link to apply for one.
  • Trainee must wear steel toed boots, hard hat, vest and comfortable clothing.
  • Trainee must have basic English comprehension skills both in written and spoken forms.
  • Trainee must have literacy and numerical skills as well. These skills are required in doing the job, since the job not only involved transporting of materials but also record keeping and inventory of goods.
  • Trainee must be at the age of 18 years old and above to get accepted for the training course and in order for the application to be submitted for nationally recognized HRW licence.

When submitting requirements for HRW licence:

  • An application form for a new licence card, the RTO where you take the training can provide you with this.
  • Applicant must be 18 years old.
  • Must have 100 points of evidence of identity (EOI).
  • Clear passport-size recent photo with name and birth date written on the back.
  • Application fee. To know how much you will pay, see this matrix

How to Submit Application for HRW forklift Licence

  1. During the training course, the assessor will give you an HRW forklift licence application form when you pass the training course and assessment.
  2. Prepare your 100 points of evidence of identity, certificate of attainment and notice of assessment (that you’ve received after taking the training and passing the assessment), passport size photo, application fee.
  3. You will then bring those documentary requirements to the nearest participating Australia Post and pay $ 70.50 for the new licence. That’s the fee at the time of this writing.
  4. Wait for three weeks for your licence to arrive. They will send it to you via the postal address you indicated in the application form.

You must keep your licence at all times because you will never know when an inspection will take place.

The HRW forklift licence is valid for five (5) years, after which you need to apply for renewal.

Renewal of HRW Licence After Five Years

• Have you attained your licence after the date of July 1, 2007? If so, the WorkSafe will send the renewal package two month before your licence expiration.

• Update your information when there’s a change in your address, so that you will receive your renewal notice. Inform the WorkSafe for any change of your personal details. In the event you did not receive your renewal notice, you can contact 13 10 50 for facilitation. Follow this link if you want to update your information. 

• The renewal form is included in the notice, fill in the details but don’t sign it yet, you will sign it in front of Australia Post officer.

• You will pay $ 65.00 as renewal fee.

What If You Lost Your Forklift Licence

If your licence has been lost, stolen or destroyed, you can make necessary application. There are two options you can take when applying for replacement: you can do it online or you can post application to SafeWork NSW.

When you choose to replace your licence online, you can follow this application process

For lodgement instruction, You can call 13 10 50 for assistance, or contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., post: SafeWork NSW, Custormer Experience, Locked bag 2096, Lisarow NSW 2252.

The replacement fee is $32.50, at the time this was written.

To Wrap This Up

Getting forklift licence in Blacktown can definitely skyrocket your chance of landing a high paying forklift job. Though it might take some of your time to complete training and spend a small amount for application of HRW licence. But the investment of time and money is worth it.

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