Forklift Licence CairnsIt is the responsibility of the operator and employer to have a valid forklift licence in Cairns. The operators must finish the training course and pass the assessment screening by a certified supervisor in order to apply for a forklift licence. The consequence of driving with an expired or without a licence are severe, the operator caught doing could be charged criminally and fined with thousand of dollars under the legislation of Workplace Health and Safety Act QLD 1995.

There are several reasons why the government is strict enforcing law on forklift certification and licencing. Forklift operation is the most common causes of workplace injury as result of inadequate qualification of operators. Without the ability to gauge hazards and risks in confined space, operators can cause damage, mishaps and even lost time injury.

How to be certified as a licenced operator? Here’s what you need to do:

Obtaining A Forklift Licence

  1. Find a certified Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Cairns region that offer HRW forklift training course. Here are some of the RTOs you can contact to make an enquiry.
  • Cairns Truck School
  • Dawsons Training
  • Accreditation and Training Services (AATS)
  • Industry Training QLD
  • Norlift Cairns
  • Alpha Truck Training
  • Cairns Truck Driver Training
  • Tansqual Logistics Training
  • Staff Services
  • Wallace Forklift Training
  • Queensland Training Services Pty. Ltd.
  • Hunter’s Training
  • CTAD
  1. Enroll for the course.

    The certification course covers two (2) parts: the in-classroom lectures that usually lasts for 8 hours and practical training.

    The student must pass the written test and assessment.

  2. The student must gain at least 40 logbook hours of required actual forklift practical training. The certified supervisor oversees the practical training that can be done at RTO’s training facility or at employer’s workplace. It is suggested that practical training should be done at employer’s premises so that supervisor can adjust the sets of tasks to complete applicable to the employer’s workplace condition.

  3. Once student completed the logbooks hours, final assessment can be arranged. The student must give notice 6 business days in advance to the assessors for booking of an assessment.

  4. After completing the assessment, the successful candidate will receive statement of attainment from RTO and assessment summary from assessors that must be submitted to Australia Post within 60 days.

  5. To obtain your forklift licence in Cairns, submit those two documents together with the filled up F1 form, current HRW licence (if you have any), proof of identification (100 point evidence of identification), passport size recent photo to Australia Post in person.

There’s a small cost when you submit your application that can be paid by credit cards, cash or cheque.

What Forklift Licence You Need

There are two types of forklift licences: TLILIC2001A  and TLILIC2002A.

TLILIC2001A (LF class) – is given to those operators who have finished the training course and assessment, who are intending to operate forklift truck with mast and elevating loads.

On the other hand, TLILIC2002A (LO class) is given to those competent drivers who operate order-picking forklift trucks. These operators also completed the formal training and practical assessment.

RTO Requirements for Forklift Certification

  • Must be 18 years and above, the applicant must present proof of identity for age verification.
  • Must complete 100 points of Evidence of Identity as required by WorkSafe upon submission of application to Australia Post.
  • Well verse in the English language, because effective communication is definitely vital during the training itself and at work.
  • Wearing of PPEs. It is advocated by safety professionals that wearing of PPEs should not only be complied at the workplace, but during the forklift training as well.
  • Other necessaries that may asked by RTO.

With the knowledge you gained from this article, it is now clear and easier for you to apply for a forklift licence in Cairns. We are wishing you good luck, and be safe!

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