forklift licence WollongongAre you needing high risk work forklift licence in Wollongong for your job or workers? You’re in the right place. Forklift operation is high risk work (HRW) and taking hold of an HRW ticket is mandatory for all workers operating machinery such as forklift or order-picking trucks. Here, in this article we've garnered the steps you need to take in order to obtain your operator card. 

Obtaining Your Forklift Licence

  1. Take competency course through a certified RTO. You must specifcy what licence you need, there two kinds of licences, the LO and LF licences. The training shall comprise of classroom discussion and hands-on operation of the forklift truck. Right after the classroom lecture, applicants will be given written exam to gauge the knowledge they acquired. While the behind-the-wheel operation will test your skills driving the fork trucks. For more information, where to enroll for a training course, We've provided list of RTOs and procedure is highlighted below.
  2. Provide original 100 points of evidence of identity, current photo, RTO certificate of attainment (COA), notice of assessment (NOA), and $AU67 as application fee.
  3. Submit these documents to nearest Post Office within 60 days after applicant received the NOA.
  4. The WorkCover will issue photographic plastic license with 5 year validity. You will receive it through registered mail. 

Application Requirements for a Forklift Training

  • You need a USI number, if you don’t have it yet, visit Australian Government Department of Industry [].
  • Submit RTO forklift training course requirements. Must be 18 years old, able to understand English, able to present proof of identity.
  • Take the 2 day course which will cover classroom lecture and the practical training. The student must complete the exam and assessment.
  • The student will be issued with certificate of attain and notice of assessment, as prerequisites before submitting application to WorkCover NSW.

Please be reminded that course can be given to suit the applicant’s needs. You must discuss you level of competency with the RTO trainer and assessor.

Registered Training Organisation in Wollongong

The primary role of RTO is to give much needed education and training. They shall be responsible for the evaluation and testing. They shall insure that all students will receive the skills and competency driving forklift trucks and safety advocacy. They don't just simple release your documents to apply for forklift license, they have bigger role. They do not want to release students from their jurisdiction untrained, they make sure they're not only trained but importantly skilled to perform work. 

  • Absolute Forklift Training
  • IOH Training
  • Titan Training Pty. Ltd.
  • BBT Training
  • All On Site Training and Assessment
  • Koolat Safety Quality Training Solution
  • Licences 4 Work
  • Titan Training Group Pty. Ltd.
  • Cobra Training and Licencing Services
  • Australian Forklift Training
  • Telehandler Training

What you need to be/have

  • You must at least 18 years of age. Minors are not allowed to get undergo training and even applying for job.
  • You be literate to speal and write English.
  • You must have organization skills.
  • basic Math skills in order to be able to compute forklift load limits
  • PPPEs such as coverall, helmet, safety shoes must be wore at all times during the training duration
  • Proof of identify such as driver's license, passport, etc. You can submit IDs listed in EOI to prove your identity.


For more information about licensing, you may visit WorkCover NSW website []. Or get in touch with WorkCover, their address is Level 1, 60 Burelli Street, Wollongong 2500, you can call their office at (02) 4222 7333.

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