Forklift Licence MelbourneForklift operator jobs are abundant and getting a forklift licence in Melbourne must be accomplished before being accepted by an employer. With the boom of construction industry in the Vic territory, the demand is very high for qualified forklift drivers. 
One of the prerequisites in order to get this high-paying position, one must have a nationally recognized certification and licence issued by WorkSafe.  

Getting a Forklift Licence Cards

 For Absolute Beginners  
  1. Find a certified RTO that give comprehensive training course. RTO trainers will perform in-class lectures and on-site forklift practical training. Applicant must understand basic English and show original Evidence of Identity (EOI), and should be at least 18 years of age. Forklift training cost usually ranges from AU$300 – AU$500.
  2. After completing the course, RTO will issue certificate of attainment or TLILIC2001A Licence to operate forklift truck (high risk work LF licence.)  
  3. Submit necessary requirements and pay fee to Australia Post to process the WorkSafe plastic licence. 
For Experienced Applicant 
  1. Find a certified RTO nearest to your location, you can search online. Cost ranges from AU$250 – AU$350.
  2. Training requirements are as follows: proof of experience, Evidence of Identity and applicant should understand English language.
  3. RTO will perform assessment both in practical and formal training. 
  4. Upon course completion, RTO will issue certificate of attainment, TLILIC2001A Licence (HRW LF Licence). 
  5. Applicant must submit to Australia Post for processing of Worksafe plastic licence. 
For Those with LF Licence, looking for LO (Order Picking Forklift Licence)
You cannot use your LF licence to operate order picking forklift, you need an LO licence to perform the work. You need to hold a HRW WorkSafe LO Licence.
    1. Go to your chosen RTO.
  1. Submit Evidence of Identity and a valid LF Licence. Applicant must know how to speak and write basic English. Other requirements may be necessary when asked by RTO. The course ranges from AU$350 – AU$550.
  2.  RTO will perform practical and formal training. Many of the lectures are identical to LF Licence training, while formal training is different since you will be operating different machines. 
  3. Some of the questions in RTO trainer’s assessment are tougher.  
  4. When RTO trainer deemed you competent in final assessment, applicant will receive certificate of attainment, TLILIC2002A Licence (HRW LO Order Picker Licence.)
  5.  Requirement must be submitted in 60 days to Australia Post for processing of WorkSafe LO Licence plastic card. There’s a minimal fee of AU$60. 

RTOs in Melbourne To Apply for Forklift Certification

 Here are some of the RTOs in Melbourne that meet regulatory standards.  
  • Go Workplace Training 
  • Set Solutions
  • Foresite Training and Licensing
  • MultiSkills Training 
  • Advanced Forklift Licences & Training
 You need to take note that there are uncertified RTO, they are the bogus ones. When picking an RTO, you need to ask for their certification issued by Government body. The RTO should follow current industry forklift training standards. 

How Much Salary You Expect as Licenced Forklift Operator   

According to PayScale, the hourly pay of forklift operator in Melbourne is ranging from AU$17.77 to AU$25.99 or annual income of AU$37,066 - AU$55,856.
Completing a course and obtaining your WorkSafe licence will give you an edge over other candidates. Employers avoid being fined for operators working in their premises without a licence so holding an LO or LF forklift licence in Melbourne will be your advantage to land for a job. 

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