forklift licence Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryWith the progress of construction industry in this territory, there's a lot of people venturing out as forklift operator. And before you get accepted for a job, you need to be trained and certified and become a holder of licence. It's prerequisite for every worker who is performing hish risk work.

If you are really interested to work as forklift opertor, you must pursue your application for a High Risk Work forklift licence in Canberra, you need to undergo forklift training course with a certified Registered Training Organisation.

Here are some of the RTOs you can find in Canberra

  • Canberra Institute of Technology
  • Loadwise Australia
  • Coats Hire
  • Sutton Road Training Centre
  • DES’s Driving School
  • Creative Safety Initiatives
  • Southern Training organisation
  • Forklift and Logistics Training Services
  • Flexi Lift Australia
  • ForkTime
  • Bluetron Pty. Ltd.

The RTO will issue certification of attainment and notice of assessment after successful course completion. RTO course usually takes 2 days to complete. The applicant must pass the examination and assessment before applicant can be issued with these certificates.

The cost of the training course will depend on the type of course you needed. If you’re applying for comprehensive training (on LF class or LO class), RTO training cost ranges from AU$300 to AU$500. However, if you are an experienced applicant, who only need to be certified, cost ranges from AU$250 to AU$350.

Applying for Forklift Licence

You must personally submit documentary application requirements at the Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) Shopfront, 255 Canberra Avenue, Fyshwick.

Requirements are as follows:

  • Completed WSACT FM 0009 HRW application form
  • Two or more IDs to prove your Name, age and other information. See list of valid IDs in the application form being recognized.
  • Certification of attainment and notice of assessment issued by Registered Training Organisation (RTO).
  • AU$89.00 application fee

If ORS received all the requirements and evaluated the applicant to be qualified, applicant can immediately receive the HRW licence on the same day.

Do I need to convert my current and valid forklift certification issued by other territory to ACT HRW Licence?

No. You do not need to convert it, your HRW licence is nationally recognized as long as it is current and still valid. You can perform forklift operation or apply for a job.

What if I have HRW card of competency issued by other state?

You can convert your existing HRW certificate of competency issued by other territories or states to ACT HRW Licence. It take 1-2 weeks before you obtain your ACT licence, as the Office of Regulatory Services need to check the details of your licence with the authority that issued it.

During the process of verification, the applicant can keep hold of his HRW licence. The ORS will contact the applicant if ACT HRW licence is ready to be collected.

Converting an old format card to current ACT HRW format

Unfortunately, WorkSafe ACT no longer recognized this old licence (if not renewed). Holder of this must undertake training course with the RTO and follow the application process after completing the course. Refer to above information.

HRW Licence Renewal

Licence must be renewed every five years. During renewal process, the applicant must declare that he has maintained his competency operating forklifts. .

For more guides, visit governing authority, WorkSafe ACT [].

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