forklift licence requirements AustraliaNow that you have finally decided to enter this job, the next step to take to get your forklift licence is to complete the requirements. Australia law requires all LO and LF licence applicants to accomplish these requirements before lodging the application. By completing these, you are assured that processing will be smooth.

The requirements are only referred to documents, it also refer to the personal profile of the applicants. Here, we have prepared what you need so you can easily gather these requirements:


The applicant must be at the age of 18 years old and above before he can apply for a forklift licence. An applicant must turn 18 at the time of assessment.


An applicant of HRW licence must declare his territory residency by submitting Ids showing his resident address.

An applicant who is not resident of the territory must submit additional document confirming that he’s contracted by an employer who has business in that territory. It could be a letter or contract proving your employment.

English Understanding

The trainee must have basic knowledge in English both in verbal and written skills.

Forklift trainees must understand the training course which is formatted in English. Effective communication is vital to absorb information during the training course.

It is also essential while performing job at work. A worker must understand his superior’s instruction and communicate well with other co-workers.

Proof of Identity

Must present 100 points of evidence of identity before getting accepted for a training and applying for a licence.

IDs with 70 points (Primary Documents)

  • Birth card
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport, current or expired. If passport is expired, it should not be cancelled or expired in the past two years.
  • Diplomatic certificates or documents issued to refugees.

IDs with 40 Points (Secondary Documents) – Ids must contain photo

  • Driver’s licence
  • RMS card
  • Public employee card

IDs with 35 points – must have name and address

  • Notice of council rate
  • Certificate of employment issued by employer in the last two years
  • Office record of land title
  • A mortgage document and any related documents issued by financial institution

IDs with 25 points

  • Credit card
  • Marriage certificate
  • Driver’s licence issued by other country
  • EFTPOS card
  • Phone, water, internet, electricity, gas billing
  • Bank records
  • Signed contracts/lease agreement
  • Receipt from a real estate company
  • Membership in trade association

USIUnique Student Identifier

All trainees must be in possession of USI. It’s a unique reference number given to trainee who is learning vocational education training, like forklift driving.

For more information about USI, follow this link.

How do you apply for USI?

  1. When applying for USI, trainee must have a valid ID (it could be IMMI card, driver’s licence, birth certificate, passport, visa (if applicant has non-Australian passport, certificate of citizenship, over 18’s card, and other government-issued ID that are recognized)
  2. Log in to
  3. Read the terms and conditions. Make sure you understand them thoroughly. If you are not the one needing USI and you are applying on behalf of the individual, you must have the consent from the person. Check the appropriate boxes. Click Next.
  4. You will arrive at Student Portal. Click Create USI.
  5. Respond to prompt and complete the instruction to create the USI.

Reminder: RTO will stop issuing Statement of Attainment of forklift training if student do not have USI. It’s obligatory to apply for USI first before enrolling for a forklift course in a registered training organization.

Physical or Medical Condition

A trainee who is intending to work as forklift driver must be in good physical condition, obviously. Driving the equipment of long duration demands physical vigor and strength, therefore you must be in great condition.

An applicant must have no physical impairment in vision and hearing. These two senses are important when doing actual job to become safe driving the truck.

Documentary requirements

Upon completion of a forklift training course, trainee will be given these two important pieces of certificate that must be lodge to WorkSafe for processing of the licence:

  • Statement of Attainment – it is some sort of certificate issued by the RTO, proving that you have successfully finish a training course from them.
  • Notice of Assessment – this document is issued by the trainer who conducted the training.
  • AS1 Application form – usually, this form is given by RTO together with the other two documents previously mentioned.
  • Passport size-photo – The photo must be recent, that’s why Australia Post requirements applicants to submit requirements in person, so applicant’s photo can be taken.

Fees and Charges

When lodging your application, you need to submit fees together with the other requirements. As of this writing, WorkCover charges HRW licence applicant $68.68 per class. For renewal of list licence, the application fee is $63.55 per card.

Submission of Requirements for Licence Application

  1. Complete an LO or LF licence training course from an RTO.
  2. Take the statement of attainment, notice of assessment and licence application form to be issued to you by the RTO.
  3. Complete the 100 points of evidence of identity.
  4. Bring those documents to the nearest Australia Post or Business Center.
  5. At the Australia Post or Business Center you need to pay the corresponding application fee. Your photo will be taken as well to include in the licence card.
  6. Your photographic licence will mailed to you using the registered address you stated in the application form within 60 days.
  7. Renewal of the licence is done every five years and you must present proof that you retained your skill driving the forklift when renewing license.

Final Word

Whether you are applying for LO or LF licence, the requirements will be the same. These prerequisites are different for renewal or lost licence application.

Accomplish first all of these forklift licence requirements before you enroll for a forklift training course.

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