forklift licence DarwinIndividuals who are in possession of a forklift licence in Darwin are at high tendency of securing a forklift driving job. Employers preferred those applicants who are already licenced.

The Northern Territory Work Health and Safety regulates the licencing of operators to perform HRW classified work. It is a violation with severe penalty when employers are letting their workers performing high risk work without the proper licence.

The operator may face court charges, if such accident happened related to forklift operation.

It is an obligation of both parties to apply for a forklift licence in Darwin. Here’s what you need to do:

Who May Apply for a Forklift Licence

  • An applicant must be 18 years old and older to get a HRW Licence
  • Applicant who possesses competency or those who underwent forklift training course in RTO and who successfully passed the written exam and attained the notice of assessment.
  • Must be Northern Territory resident.
  • Applicant may not apply for a licence if he has a current and valid forklift licence issued by other territory, unless the licence is expired.

How to Get Your Certificate of Competency 

Applicant who wants to apply for an HRW licence need to show proof of completed training course from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) where he will complete the formal education and hand-on operation of the forklift truck. He must pass the theoretical part and complete the required number of hours (40 hours minimum) of on-site forklift operation. During this phase, certified assessor will conduct several tasks evaluate how the applicant performs.

When the applicant has completed the course, he will be issued with certificate of attainment from RTO and notice of assessment (temporary ticket) from assessor with 60 days validity.

Registered Training Organisations (RTO) in Darwin 

  • Site Skills Training
  • Assessing & Training of Aust-ATA
  • Northern Australia Training and Assessment (NATA) 
  • Top End Training
  • Site Work Ready
  • Charles Darwin University
  • IS Australia
  • SMART – The Driver Training Specialist
  • Access Training Centre
  • Transqual
  • Smiths Training Services
  • KI Group
  • The Brown Book
  • Monford Group 

The RTO can offer on-site training and assessment for the company, the company can contact one of the RTOs to talk about what you need for your operator and to decide the most helpful requirements for your workers.

Applying for High Risk Work Licence

Competency training assessment documents must be submitted to Territory Business Centre within 60 days. Territory Business Center (TBC) is located at Ground Floor, Development House, 76 The Esplanade, Darwin 

Licence renewal and replacement must also be lodged to the TBC. 

The HRW forklift licence has 5-year validity. 

The holder must hold the licence at all time, as the inspector could visit the workplace and ask for it. 

Application Fees 

  • For new licence application is  AU$76
  • For Renewal is AU$63
  • For Replacement is $38

For additional information and helpful guidelines please contact WorkSafe – Northern Territory on this contact number: 1800 019 115 or visit their website: to be guided accordingly.

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