Forklift training is a crucial part of the job for any forklift driver. It is necessary to know how to operate a forklift safely and efficiently.

If you are new to the industry, you should consider investing in a forklift operator training course. This will provide you with the skills needed to operate a forklift, as well as some of the dangers that come with not having this knowledge.

If you are in Campbellfield, Victoria, well, below are the steps you need to take in order to take the forklift training course and a brief guide on how to apply for LO/LF licence.

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How to Take the Forklift Operator Training Course

  1. forklift training in Campbellfield and application of LO and LF licenceDecide which licence do you need – an LF or LO licence. So that you can align what training course to take. To learn more about the difference of these licences, please below.

  2. Find a registered training organization (RTO) in Campbellfield where you can take the course. The list is below, contact one and enquire about your requirements.

  3. Schedule an appoint to view the training facility of your preferred training provider. Although personally viewing isn’t compulsory to do, it will help you decide if the provider is the right one that meets your requirements.

  4. Register in the course. When you’re satisfied with the quality of the training provider (RTO), register in and schedule your training. The provider will give your respective training schedule. The training usually is being completed in a day or two, depending on the comprehensive of the curriculum.

  5. Take the classroom training – this is the first part of the training course. This is where you learn the theoretical part of the program.

  6. Take the practical exercises. Commonly known as the practical driving. This will where you will hone your operation skills. The trainer will give you ample time to operate the machine in workplace-simulated environment.

  7. Pass the training exams. This involves passing the written exams and practical tests on the machine. The trainer will administer these tests.

What Happens Next After Passing

Well, basically, you will be given a certificate of notice of assessment and an interim licence. At this part, you don’t have yet a high-risk work licence yet, where the LO/LF licence is categorized in.

In order to apply for a high-risk work licence (or what we referred to here as LF or LO licence), you need to go to participating Australia Post to submit application for HRW licence.

The other way to apply for the HRW licence is by creating an online account in MyWorkSafe. It is the convenient way to apply.

Here are the requirements: the notice of assessment, a valid ID card (please see below what is valid), passport-size (recent photo), and the required application fee.

When everything checks out, and is approved, you will receive your HRW plastic licence through post. It takes about two weeks to receive this in your mailbox.

Registered Training Organisation in Campbellfield Where You Can Training From

Action Forklift Training (formerly Aussie Forklift Training)
3B Lara Way, Campbellfield VIC 3061
Phone: 0414 953 133

Start Training Group
2 The Crossway, Campbellfield, VIC 3061
Contact: (03) 9756 0244

OZFORKS Accredited Training
Tel: 0499 880 588

COVE Training
Contact: 03 8773 9000

Plan B Training Solutions
Contact: 03 4222 8716

Waverley Forklifts
Contact: 03 8540 4000

Contact: 1300 580 580

What are the Basic Requirements That You Need

  • Have at least one of these valid identification: valid passport, current driver’s licence or learner’s permit, firearm licence, licence to perform high-risk work, federal government employee ID, keypass ID card, other Australian issued ID; the ID to be submitted must show photo of the holder.
  • Be a permanent resident of Victoria, or has legal status to stay in the country.
  • Have basic knowledge in Math and able to comprehend the English language.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be in good physical conditioning since the nature of the job is physical demanding.
  • Have passed a workbook prior to taking a forklift operator course.

What Licence Do You Need

You have two options: you can apply for an LO or LF licence. You can the latter before the former of vice versa, it is all up to you; and you can have both. To explain further the difference of these two, here an example:

  • If your line work is in construction, logging operation and in logistics type of business, you need to drive a counterbalance forklift truck; and therefore, to be able to legally operate that machine, you need an LF licence.

  • On the other hand, if your work is inside the warehouse where you need to pick and elevate loads to stacking racks, the machine you will be using is an order-picker, and therefore, you need an LO licence in order to legally drive this truck,
    Both of these licences are nationally-recognised, meaning you can use that anywhere in the country when searching for employment or as credential in the current job.

To apply for these licence, you need to undergo a training course in a registered training organization. You need to pass the course in order to receive an interim licence that you can use pending your application for the “real” licence.

The “real” licence is called the high-risk work licence. Because driving a forklift truck or an order picker is a high risk work, and therefore the Province is issuing HRW licence to wannabee operators.

Are You Currently Employed?

If you are presently employed, your employer can arrange an on-site training by contacting an RTO. The RTO will then send its trainer to the workplace. On-site training is the preferred way of delivering training course. Why is it so, because in this way, the trainer can modify the course depending on the needs of the workplace.

If you're not employed, well, you need to arrange and pay for your own training. The licence is an important credential when applying for a job as an operator.

To Make a Conclusion

You should not get on a forklift without training on it, because you could hurt yourself or someone else. This is why it is important to be trained in order to operate this machine legally.

Find a training provider in Campbellfield, take the classroom and practical training and pass the written and hands-on tests, and you’re good to go in earning your licence.

It only take a small investment and an amount of time to earn this important credential. Act now, take the course and be trained to operate the forklift.

We wish you good luck in your career!