Forklift training kit can save you money by having own effective forklift training for forklift operators 

Regardless of the nature of business of the company, as long as forklifts are in use for the daily business operation, operators must be formally and adequately trained in accordance with OSHA standard in the safe operation to prevent industrial accidents that may cause serious injury or death, and they must be provided with performance evaluation to make sure forklift operators are competent and knowledgeable enough. It is mandatory for every company to comply with the present legislation.

But how can you find a cost-effective training for the workers to save money?

How Often Do You Need To Train The Forklift Operators

Determine first how frequently do you need to train the operators and how many do you have in the workplace. Do you know, as per OSHA 1910.178(l)(4), that forklift retraining must be supplied every time when:

  • Operators are involved in an accident (near miss, property damage, etc)
  • They are observed driving the truck in an unsafe manner (horse playing, doing an exhibition, etc)
  • The operators have been found lacking knowledge after successful evaluation (immediate attention must be given)
  • An operator is assigned to drive forklift he’s not familiar operating with
  • There’s a new type of forklift introduced to the workplace (all operators must be given orientation in the use, specifications, functions, limitations, etc about that kind of forklift)
  • There are changes in the work environment especially when the business operation is in full swing making the workplace tight and tensed.
  • During forklift certification renewal which is every three years.

Send Your Forklift Operators To Training School

Where can you send them to receive refresher training? You have two choices: hire a safety trainer to conduct the retraining onsite or enroll the operators at a school where they will be off from work for a few days. Whichever option you choose, it will burn a hole in the company’s pocket. Cost of retraining can be as much as $100 per student.

But what if you the company’s budget is short and tight? How can you provide cost-effective forklift training for all of the operators?

Now, why not appoint a team leader or a supervisor to manage the training by giving them the a Training Kit instead of sending the forklift operators to school or hire a trainer where you need to pay their class tuitions and fees, aside from the wages and salaries that you need to disburse while they are away from work taking the training.

OSHA (specifically CFR 1910.178(l)(2)(iii)) has mentioned that forklift trainer must be someone who is knowledgeable, experienced and capable to deliver the training effectively and able to assess operators’ skills and competency.

Save Money Using This Forklift Training Kit

These are complete and simple to use compliance program training kits that offer you all the tools and certificates needed to govern the training of every worker assigned to drive the forklift and guarantee conformity with OSHA rules and regulations. 

Forklift Certification Training Kit - 100% OSHA Compliant Forklift Operator COMPLETE Training With Certificates Of Completion, Operator Cards, Student Hand Outs, Evaluation Checklists & More!


What Can You Get From This Training Kit

This Kit Can Save You Lots of Training Money – Well as mentioned above, you do not have to enroll the operators for a training course. You can designate someone to deliver the training by giving him this kit.

Boost in Workers’ Productivity – it is confirmed by some industrial studies that by investing money into safety training to increase ability and awareness of the employee can develop confidence in dealing with everyday assignments and tasks, in which as a result boosting the business output and productivity. Start today! Give them the training program your workers need. This Kit gives the initiative to implement the forklift training program.

Prevention of Company’s Property Damages – If an operator is not adequately trained to handle and drive forklifts, he can cause more harm than good to your business. Forklift operators may just do the tasks at hand, ignorant of the safety and awareness they much required, they can cause high risks of damage to the company’s asset. With this Training Kit, you are assured that each operator can do the job safely and securely.

Reduction in Worker’s Insurance Compensation and Accident Happenings - Frequent occurrence of accidents in the workplace means there’s something lacking that need to implement. The answer could be a safety training program. You can layout policies and guidelines, the training kit can help you supply that. This will prevent accidents and in turn can save your company from paying big insurance money.


OSHA inspectors conduct surprise inspection to work premises, we do not know when they will knock your door. Always be ready. You do not want to get penalized and fined for thousands of dollars for every operator found uncertified. Get all your operators trained and certified.

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