Forklift Licence CabooltureThe Section 44 WHS (NUL) regulation provides provision for licencing of forklift drivers performing high risk work. It is stated that it is great violation to allow workers to perform such work if the job requires HRW licence. Forklift driving is high risk work, therefore, anyone who wants to enter to this career must be trained and competent to ensure that health and safety of people in the workplace. Businesses in Caboolture must also comply for the benefit of their forklift operators.

Here are some of the tips and advices get hold of forklift licence.

Forklift Licence Application FAQs

Where is the training being conducted?

The very suitable place to conduct the forklift training is at the actual working environment. It could also performed at the facility provided by chosen RTO.

How much is the forklift training?

The cost of training will depend on the skill level of the trainee. If you are total novice, the course tends to be longer and comprehensive, hence, the it is more expensive. The RTO can accept payment in the form of cash, credit card, EFTPOS, or purchase order.

Some categories to guide on how much you will spend are:

Category 1:
trainee who is experienced and with expired licence, the cost is $450. Trainee must present the expired licence when submitting application.

Category 2:
Trainee with little experience driving forklift, who previously holding an HRW licence. The cost is $500

Category 3:
Refers to student with very little knowledge driving a fork truck. The cost is $600.

Category 4:
Absolute beginner without prior experience driving a fork truck. The cost is $700.

How long is the forklift training course?

Trainees that fall on Category 1 and 2 will not be required to complete logbook hours (40) and can finish the course for just about three days.

On the other hand, Category 3 and 4 students must complete the 40 hours operations for logbook record. This required hours are needed in order for student to undertake the assessment. Assessment can be completed employer’s workplace or at RTO’s facility.

  • Complete the theory or formal education for 4 hours (first day)
  • Pass the written test for assessment of acquired knowledge for 1 hour (first day)
  • Perform the practical assessment (actual driving) for 2-4 hours (second day)

How about Evidence of Prior Learning?

If you can show proof of evidence of prior learning, you may not be required to complete the 40 hours required in the logbook. Having the evidence does not exempt trainee from taking the assessment.

How to get enrolled?

As per latest government standard, all students who are wanting to enroll at an RTO must have a Unique Student Identifier. Ready your USI, if you do not have your USI yet, I suggest to follow this link about USI application. (

Visit an office of chosen RTO. Enquire what training you need. They will provide you the necessary information. Submit the requirements and proofs that you are at the legal age by presenting an ID.

Complete the enrollment form and choose your training schedule. During enrollment, some RTOs may ask you to make pay deposit as initial payment for the training.

When you are actually enrolled, the RTO will give student’s guide handbook as your learning material. It is mandatory to study this handbook for your training and assessment preparation. Read it thoroughly and browse each page for important details.

What to do after passing the course?

All successful trainees will be issued with Notice of Assessment and AS1 Form. Submit these two documents together with 100 points of identification, and HRW forklift application form, $89 fee, and recent photo to Australia Post.

Trainee must submit all these requirements within 60 days after completion of assessment. The photographic HRW licence will be issued 14 days after. The licence will be mailed to you at the address you indicated in the application form.

Registered Training Organisations in Caboolture

If you do have an idea yet where to get your forklift training course, here, we’ve listed these RTOs in Caboolture. Contact them or visit their website to see what they can offer for you and how much will it cost you.

Forklift Training Caboolture
Unit 30/22 Cessna Dr Caboolture 4510 Qld
$550 / person

Premier Freight and Training Group
Provide training in all locations of Queensland

Operator Training Allen Timms
Collins Street, 4506 Upper Caboolture
P: (07) 54967787
M: 0429 195899
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Talbots Streamline Training Services
Unit 30/22 Cessna Drive, Caboolture
04 10037415

Trans Training
Operate in Caboolture and in other areas
0417 178 425

Ian Watson's Driver Training Centre
2/29 Cessna Drive, Caboolture
P: 1300 786 088
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Careers Australia
Service Caboolture and many other locations
P: +61 2 9181 4639
F: +61 2 9719 2380

Set Solutions
4 Hasking St., Caboolture
1300 100 429

Professional Operator Training and Assessment Queensland
0429 195 899

Garden of Eden Business Solution
07 5495 7956

Major Training
5 Nolan Drive, Morayfield / Caboolture
07 5428 6944

Civil Skill Assessment Service
Des McKenna
0452 218 465
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A1 Machinery & Training Australia
0419 394 100

KM Industrial & Accessories Pty Ltd
Unit 8/ 23-25 Skyreach St, Caboolture QLD 4510
(07) 5499 4205

Expiration of the Licence in Caboolture

The HRW licence is valid for five years otherwise revoked for such reason. You can be employed and contracted by an employer during this duration. This licence can only be used inside Caboolture, if you are to assigned to do work outside this territory or commonwealth, you must be guided in accordance by the regulation of that territory.

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