certified forklift operator resumeEveryone knows that spending a lot of time perfecting resume can give positive result. You always want to include all the career information to have attractive impression for the one who will be reading it. I knew that drafting first my resume could help me to hone it even better.  What do I do next? I showed the drafted resume to my friends, or colleagues, and asked if they could give some inputs or opinion before making a final draft. I read it very carefully many times, I remove the information that wasn’t necessary or needed for the job I am applying for. So, the final result was perfectly written and suitable that I am proud of showing to the interviewer.

But How to Professionally Hone Forklift Operator Resume?

The resume (or curriculum vitae, as other term to be called for it) is the most important job application requirements and instruments that assist hiring manager provide a good impression of who you really are. It is your identification card and career summary that can help give a constructive or negative idea of you to the hiring manager.

Be informed that hiring manager do not browse through or read all the information you included in your resume. They just want a short summary of your experience necessary for the job you are applying for. It’s reported that over 75% of hiring manager take a quick look over the resume and not only one or two items which then form an opinion about the applicant. In fact, the hiring anager’s attention period could be less than a minute which is very insufficient for your resume to be read entirely.

The primary objective of resume of certified forklift operator: is to be scheduled for an appointment of interview. A resume that short and snappy, brief but crisp with information, and clearly organized resume can get the good impression of the hiring manager who could likely be attracted enough to call you. And, during the interview, the hiring manager may ask many questions about the details you have provided in the resume.

Therefore, the most vital things to remember when writing your resume is including facts and details that will get the manager’s interest in you. Keep in mind, your perfectly honed resume will not automatically get you immediately accepted for the job, but it will bring you the next step of the hiring process, which is being chosen for an interview with the hiring manager. Your goal is to write a a good resume that will make the manager say “this particular applicant is better than the others.”

Are You Now Ready to Write Your Resume?

Resumes are usually divided into six to eight elements that are use to convey a good, and exceptional introduction about you as certified forklift operator.

A good resume has some of all of the following contents:

Heading – Highligh your name in bold, but do not capitalize them. You can include your address, contact number and email address, so that your prospective employer can contact you.

Objective – This part must state that position you are intending for. You can write about 2-3 sentence summarizing the position you are applying for.

Summary – This part is a short introduction of all your skills, areas of expertise, machines/trucks/heavy equipments you operate.

Work experience – If you have been employed, include all the companies you worked for. Include the name of the company, position you held, address of the company and brief description of your work assignment.

Skills – A variation of the work experience section, where you can state in more detail your skills, the machines you operate, the certifications your acquired, trainings you’ve undergone, and licenses you have previously got.

Education – Just state the school you graduated from, where you took your forklift certification. Just give a brief description as well.

Achievement/Interests – List down the awards and achievements you have received.

What Resume Should You Make as Forklift Operator?

Many hiring managers require a resume for skilled position(certified forklift operator, crane operators, etc). In fact, some companies require certifications to be attached to the resume. There are three kinds of resumes that you can write based on your preference.

Chronologically arranged – This explains your career highlights and summary in reverse chronological arrangement. This kind is the most frequently used kind of resume nowadays and the one that’s commonly submitted to the hiring managers. This is because, manager can easily and obviously see what an job applicant has done in the experience summary, where and when.

Functional type – This kind of resume illustrate your experiences, qualifications, and accomplishments instead of the different jobs you’ve handled, or basically a synopsis of responsibilities you’ve performed. You can use this resume when your work history is diverse, when applying for a job that is different from the responsibilities you’ve handled, making a drastic career change, or when your experience is still not enough and you want to put necessary details to lengthen the contents of the resume.

Combination type – this is a combination of both chronological and functional resumes. It not only presents your career summary but also provides the manager a plain impression of your qualifications and accomplishment. This is the type of resume hiring managers want to read, so this is you should follow.

How Can You Make Your Written Resume Appealing in the Eyes?

A certified forklift operator resume can be looked decent and attractive by writing a brief, professionally written and well-structured resume. You can refer to the three types of resume for you to have a good idea how to write one. Understanding first what type of resume you will use can help you write one easily and conveniently.

The looks and appearance of your resume must portray positivity and professionalism that will attract reader.

  • Choose your photo, a clear one, which you look professional and respectable. In as much as possible, wear appropriate clothes when taking the photo. If you do not have a professional photo, then spend a little money.
  • The common mistake of forklift operator especially those who have lots of experience, is to include all the employment history and experience in the resume, it will take space and it will consume many pages. A good resume only has 1-2 pages, use maximum of 3 only if necessary.
  • There are many sizes of bond paper where you can print your resume, only use the size 8 ½ x 11 and print it in white.
  • Set the margins to 1 ½ to 2 inches. This margins are the appropriate to write your resume.
  • Only capitalize the heading, your name and employer names where you worked for.
  • Use underlines and bullet statements only if necessary. You can use bullets in job description, and you can use underlines in achievements, which you want to give stress of a particular subject.
  • Be uniform and consistent (style of font size of font, bold letters, italics, must all be in uniform). It is more attractive if you have a consistent text, which all text formats jive to each other.
  • Your resume should be error free. No type errors, incorrect grammar, paper folds, any ink smudges, or even simple erasure. This will destroy your resume and your personality as well. Remember, your resume if your summary of who you are.

Give substance to your resume by being direct to the points and uniform


  • Include only constructive details about yourself. Do not give misinformation. This will lead to asking further question that makes difficult to answer.
  • Place the details in order from the most relevant/important to the least. This is like writing chronologically.
  • Provide a detailed but brief summary of the job descriptions you’ve handled in the past.
  • Ensure your job descriptions and responsibilities are much lengthier than your achievement. The hiring manager will look at your job descriptions, his decision of giving you a shot for an interview will rely with what you’ve done in the past.
  • Construct your personal details and info (your personal skills, pastime leisure, everything else that is relevant) related with your career objective and professional experience. 

Implement a good writing when drafting your resume

  • Write in English language only. If you are not a native English speaker, you can ask someone, your colleague or friend, to have the draft checked by them.
  • Make use of technical words or specific terminology if necessary. In as much as possible, make everything plain and easily understood.
  • To portray proactiveness, employ action vocabulary. This will convey good impression to the reader.
  • When you have a draft, read and browse through it many times, keep away from including details that are repetitive. If information have been included already in the beginning, never repeat it again at the end.
  • The common mistake of a resume writer is putting acronyms and abbreviations of companies they’ve worked for, programs they’ve accomplished, and affiliates they’ve joined. Put the full name of the them, never abbreviate or shorten the names.
  • The most important thing writing resume is to have it carefully checked by your colleagues, officemates, co-workers, for their opinions, correction and additions.


What Forklift Operator Should NOT Include When Writing Resume?

As previously cited, forklift operators fail to get a job is because they fail to write a perfectly matched and specific resume, it simply unsuccessful to draw the attention and interest of the hiring manager. Let’s itemize what are to avoid when writing your resume. These items will inevitable help you avoid getting failed to get an interview and ultimately rejected of the job you are longing for to get.

Do not give overstatement or details you do not have – Do not make the hiring manager believe the details you do not have or pretend something you are not. Never boast details this will give the hiring manager a false impression. Remember, everyone has flaws, even the manager, do not be more than him.

Never include sham and fake details – Do not lie. If employer found out that you are lying with the details you have included in your resume, they throw your application immediately to trash bin. They can blacklist you. In the worse scenario, they can file a case of forgery against you.

Never exaggerate – don’t go over the top about certain facet about yourself or your employment history and work experience. If you are giving much focus in a certain detail, the manager are intelligent enough to determine that you are lying, employer can easily determine that you are hiding something.

Including too much work qualifications – Many forklift operators seeking employment continue to believe that the more detailed the educational background and work qualifications and more numerous the achievements and awards they have, the more they become attractive and likely to land the job. This is not true.

Do not put uncertain details you are not sure about – Never include details you are not certain about because hiring manager could see these and throw questions about, this will be very difficult for you to answer.

Never include details that are uncalled for – As previously discussed, the resume should be brief and short, maximize the details of those only relevant and applicable. Never mention information unnecessary that will take up some space.

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