Where Do Forklift Operators WorkIf you are now making a decision if you want to pursue a career as a forklift driver and you’re maybe asking where do forklift operators work?

You may find yourself working in many different workplaces – constructions sites, ports, warehouses, storage yards and factories.

You could be assigned to different workplace conditions and extreme temperatures. Depending on the kind of materials you will be moving.

Working as a forklift operator is an 8-hour shift. But in the warehouses where customers come and go and are around, work shifts can be round the clock.

If you think being a forklift operator is easy then you’re wrong. The task is repetitive and physically demanding. Not all tasks can be done by the forklift, in some situation you may need to lift pallets, carry heavy tools and do the goods inventory.

Getting the Require Certification to Become a Forklift Operator

Operating this truck is considered hazardous. Considering the weight and size of the forklift, accidents do happen when operated by someone who is not capable. Therefore before you can get a job as a forklift operator you need to be certified first.

Before you can get certified, there are some basic requirements that you need to comply with.

First, the age is important – you cannot be a forklift operator if you are below 18 years old. Hiring managers are picky about the job candidate’s age, you won’t be able to get a job unless you’re 18 years or older. The second basic requirement is you need to have a high school diploma to prove your education (a GED certificate will do as well). Third, just I’ve mentioned already, this job is physically demanding, therefore, you need to be in good health.

You can then take formal training in the vocational and technical school or college that offers forklift certification training. To make it convenient for you, find one that is nearest to your area.

Once you are enrolled, you will go through the classroom training that takes up about 5 hours to complete. After that, you will have the opportunity to operate the forklift hands-on during the practical training.

At the end of the training course, the instructor will then facilitate a written exam and practical test to verify your competency. If all goes well and you’ve succeeded passing both tests, the instructor will issue you a certificate of training completion and/or operator card.

Congratulations, you are now forklift certified.

Career Paths of the Profession

In the beginning, you may need to find a job as a warehouse assistant or clerk. Doing so will give you the opportunity to gain the experience to climb up the career ladder.

You can take other pieces of training related to your job. Those are added credentials for career advancement. The experience you’ve attained through the years and the training you’ve achieved during your employment is a great recipe for a job promotion. You could a team leader or a warehouse supervisor.

If you’ve been working for the company and you’ve been promoted several times, you could be appointed as manager.

Professionalism and dedication towards your work are the key elements to progress in any field. You just have to express those two credentials and you could find yourself on the brink of advancement

If you have the passion to become an operating engineer, you can take a heavy equipment training course. Forklift operators eventually become equipment operator which has better pay.

Advancing in Your Job

You can receive a lot of tips and suggestion in advancing your career in this field. The goal is to pick that are applicable to you, do take action and begin the first step.

You can set goals you want to target in the next coming decades. Take time think where you want to bring your career. You may be vying for a new position in your company or you may want to leave your present company and venture out to find a better opportunity.

Go take different professional development training. Be strategic about the career you want to follow in your chosen field. Doing so will able you to decide the training you want to take that is applicable to your chosen profession.

Advancing career is a never-ending undertaking. What’s important is you’re mobile and keep up with the challenge to the ever-changing landscape.

The Bottom Line on This

If you are just starting your career and don’t have yet sufficient knowledge about this job, the ones that could help are your colleagues. Those friends of yours who are forklift operators can definitely give you a boost in deciding if this job is the one you want to do.

Ask them the same question – where do they work as forklift operators. They may give you an additional insight on how to succeed in this job.

They could even refer you to an employer for possible employment.

Go talk to your colleagues or to a counselor if this career path is the one you want to take.

Good luck and have a good career in the next coming years!

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