QuebecThe demand for skills like yours has never been so great in Quebec. Experienced operators are highly sought after in the industry such construction sites, ports, warehousing set up, road building, and earth moving industries.

You must remember, a forklift license does not give you a job but the likelihood of getting a good job if you have one. Showing a license during a job interview can definitely boost your chance of getting employed. The certification you acquired is your proof of skills and proficiency. With that being said, it is prerequisite to underwent training and get certified.

This brief tutorial will walk you through all that.

Different Options to Receive Training

If you are needing certification to drive heavy equipment, such as forklift, there are three options you can do to accomplish it.

Through apprenticeship with a union – If you are new to this career, this is the best place to attain the status of a licensed forklift driver. You can learn the adequate skills and absorb much knowledge to become licensed. This is a system that can train new operators to learn the trade. In union, you can establish a network with other people in this field, build a relationship with them that could sustain your career for a long term. You can start looking at this local International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) union branch.

It is your employer who is in charge to supply you the training - If you are employed at present, then as per MOL ruling, it is the company that must offer the training for all of its operators in the warehouse. The safety training program must cover forklift and other types of heavy equipment involved in the operation of the business.

Enroll at the training institute – Since the forklift training only lasts for 2-3 day depending on the scope and coverage, individuals who are seeking a job can enroll for a certification course in a school. This method is the most convenient especially when the time is a constraint for you. The school can train people year-round, just sign up for a schedule, attend the class and get assessed.

Training Schools in Quebec

To make you aware where you can enroll, here are the schools in the province to register for a course.

  • Safe Work Solutions - Montreal, 1.800.791.4860
  • Formation CC - Sainte Catherine, 450 638-1888
  • Hewitt Equipment LTD - Pointe-Claire, 514.630.3100
  • Johnston Equipment - Ste. Foy, QC, (418) 650-1620
  • Environment Expert
  • Liftow – Offices in Lachine, Sherbrooke, St. Laurent, Boucherville, Call (418) 531-3434
  • Manutention Québec - Pointe-Claire, 514-694-4223

In order to help you more decide, we have this article about how to choose the best training school. You can click here to read the topics. 

How Much Would You Spend to Become Trained?

It only cost you around $100.00 to enroll for a course, but the value of it can last a lifetime. It can soar your career to ever rewarding opportunities. Completing a forklift training surpass the monetary expense.

The enrolment fee may also depend on the comprehensiveness of the training, if you want to get licensed in many different types of fork trucks, then the longer and comprehensive the course will be, the more expensive it is as well.

Ideal Candidates Requirements

If your goal is to get a permanent prospect, I strongly suggest attaining these requirements for you to be able to land a job and offered a very competitive pay.

  • Forklift certification – Companies prefer those candidates with readied and complete forklift certification. This is their assurance that a candidate underwent a training. This also saves the company with lots of money, as they do not have to send the operators for the training.

  • 3 of-5 years of job experience. The primary duty forklift operator is to move and relocate heavy materials in the warehouse, and moving them not only requires great inventory and record-keeping proficiency, if you can demonstrate your skill at these points, but the company can also offer you much higher salary compare to others.

  • Driving the forklift in the warehouse, require you to establish good communication skills with other workers. Execution and implementation of proper coordination can definitely avoid accident thus saving insurance money in the part of the company.

  • Safety and health advocate – People with suitable and good training prioritize safety during performance of the job. If you can exhibit your safety skills, can definitely boost your chance of getting good pay.

  • With high physical endurance – driving the forklift for long hours demands the operator to be physically fit.

If you have other soft skills you can exhibit, then the employer could promote you to a higher position. Your soft skills can open a wide variety of opportunities. Your certification and experience go along with soft skills to become successful in your career.

Salary of Forklift Operators

In Quebec, a licensed operator can expect a salary of $15.00 per hour. If you can demonstrate more skill and expertise driving other heavy equipment, you can expect a higher salary from your employer, a company can offer at $20.00 hourly.

In this field, the more experience you have, the higher you can go. You can climb up the corporate ladder by becoming a safety trainer. From there, you can climb up more to be a warehouse manager. Everything starts small, progress and advance.

What Can You Expect in the Long Term

Driving forklift is always in demand. The aging population of operators is increasing, more are retiring, new and young drivers are needed in great demand. This field is a great way of seeking better and long term opportunities for yourself and family. Once certified to operate a forklift, you can be hired easily wherever your talent is needed.

Final Word

If you decided to pursue this path, we hope that you have learned from this simple tutorial. Get yourself certified, then everything will follow. Driving forklift has never been this career fulfilling. We always wish you the best!

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