forklift driving schoolThe forklift driving school’s primary role is to teach students how to operate fork truck in safe and proper technique. An individual who is planning to get trained and employers who are seeking certification for their workers can get in touch with a driving school. 

Now, how can we help you finding a school where you can get forklift driving course from? In this website, we’ve prepared directory of training schools where you can enroll for a course close to your area. Just select your country and the state or territory where you are located, you will find the lists of schools.

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Aside from that, we also give guidance on how to take forklift training, how to apply for a forklift license, how much would be your salary if you want to become a forklift operator specific to the city where you are. We also have replies to your most frequently-asked questions about forklift training. You just have to read through our blog section or click on the topics beside/below your computer screen, there, you can find helpful answers.

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Advantages of Enrolling at Forklift Driving School

Individuals and employers alike who go through forklift training school can get a lot of advantages:

  • They have the training programs suited to beginner’s needs. If you are an individual who are novice in this field and planning to start a career as forklift operator or who just want to expand knowledge driving forklifts, then the school can teach you the skills you need to get on the job in no time.
  • The driving school has training curriculum suited for experienced operators who want to expand their skills. Specialized training programs are given to those qualified people who want advance their careers. Students can take train-the-trainer training course and leadership programs.
  • Employers can protect their business from hefty fines and penalties imposed by government regulatory bodies (OSHA, for example). By sending your workers to forklift driving school, they can get formal education and training, just keep the training records and copies of certificates. These documents will serve as proofs of compliance to the law so that you won’t be cited with violations. You can show these documents when inspector visits your workplace.
  • Employers can make an agreement with the trainer from the driving school to deliver the training in actual worksite. This is the best approach for employers to take. The trainer can modify the training course to match up with the condition of workplace, behavior of the workers, and safety program in place.
  • Some training schools will help trainees to find work after they’ve completed a forklift training course. These schools have connections with job agencies to place certified students into employment. This is of course for your advantage. You won’t be having a hard time finding a job.
  • Driving school can provide online certification. Though, I would not recommend this training method because of its obvious disadvantage, many are still opting to go though this approach. If you don’t have time, you can look for a forklift driving school that provides such training. You can make an inquiry and ask one of them.

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Forklift Driving Can Be Dangerous

OSHA has stated, there are around hundred of fatalities and thousands of injuries that occurred each year in forklifts-related accidents in the workplaces. This is the primary reason OSHA has been and will be stringent in the implementation of 29 CFR 1910.178 standards.

So, what are the hazards associated with driving forklifts?

The most common forklift accident is turnover. Forklift can easily turn over if it is improperly driven. It should not be loaded more than its capacity, with its forks raised up high, and if it is traveling with its load not well balanced. Hence, stability triangle is being taught during classroom lecture.

Another common forklift accident is nearby worker being struck by the truck. This is common occurrence especially when the forklift operator and other nearby worker are not paying attention to each other. This accident can happen anytime especially when the workplace is crowded with people.

Fatality takes place when victim is crushed by the massive forklift. Fork truck weighs several hundreds of kilograms, no wonder if victim (it could be the operator or other worker) is crushed by this heavy equipment, there’s almost no chance of surviving.

Driving School Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know

The forklift driving school will help you on your path to pass the certification test. Training includes classroom discussion and practical hands-on training. Both of these are crucial portions of the training in order for the trainees to acquire the knowledge to be compliant with the law and to get certified driving forklifts.

In other country such as Australia, forklift driving schools are commonly referred to as registered training schools (RTO). RTO serves provider of vocational education and training to students who want to take nationally recognized training. RTO could be privately-owned or government-run forklift driving school. Driving school must apply to the territory governing body before they can be registered as RTO.

In the UK, before a driving school can operate business, they should first be accredited by one of the accrediting bodies: Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB), Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), Lantra National Training Organisation Ltd. (LANTRA), Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR), Association of Industrial Truck Trainers (AITT) and National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS).

As previously mentioned, employers can have the training onsite. By having the forklift training conducted in the actual workplace, it allows the workers to train on the forklifts they will be driving and the training can be modified so that it suits with the prevailing working condition of the company.


Forklift driving school is where we learn formal education on how to drive a forklift in safe manner. They bestow you the knowledge and skills you need to get on the job with confidence driving fork trucks to make sure you can perform your tasks at hand.

If you are thinking of going to a driving institute, just browse the location where you are, there, you will find the directory of schools.

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