Taking of forklift certification in Los Angeles Los Angeles is the largest city of California. It is one of the cities of this state that has large number of businesses. These companies are involved in warehousing, logistics and construction type of businesses. These are the industries where you can find a good as forklift operator. Being a forklift operator is one of the high paying jobs in LA, and it only takes a day or two to complete the OSHA training perfect for you who are seeking better living.

There will always be a large number of job opportunities for forklift operator in this city but I would like to remind you, if you know how to drive a forklift but not you’re certified, you could be offered less salary than those with forklift license. Likewise, driving forklifts without proper OSHA certification can put in you into trouble if OSHA inspector visited the worksite and found that you are not certified, you as well as your employer, could fined and penalized heavily.

If you are an individual or company who are looking to get forklift certification, we’ve made this guide for you.

Application of Forklift Certification

According to OSHA, the employer shall supply the training needed by the operators. But what if you are not yet employed? Who will then give the much needed training? Take the initiative, help yourself to get certified driving forklifts, there’s no else who can assist you.

To begin the process of taking your forklift certification, you can follow these steps:

  • For an individual who are planning to get into this field of material handling or for those who are already employed as forklift operator who want to advance in their job, the first thing you need to do is to specify the type of forklift you want to operate because the training course should be matched to the type truck you are planning to drive. Listed below are the types of forklift trucks.
  • Take a forklift training. After you’ve made decision what kind of truck you want to drive, you must enroll for a class at the training school. List of training schools in Los Angeles is below, for your reference.
  • Once you are enrolled, you will attend the classroom discussion that will talk about safe operation and proper handling/driving topics. Other interactive and computer-based learning will also be provided.
  • Attend the forklift driving demonstration. Practical training will be supervised by the trainer. At this stage, you will learn the hands-on operation. You will be taught different techniques and maneuvering. 
  • Forklift training tests will be administered to measure the knowledge you’ve achieved. Performance evaluation will also be conducted to see how you perform. What happened if you failed the tests? To Answer that, you can read this: Can You Retake the Test, If You Failed?
  • To help you pass the written and practical tests, READ this guide:How to Pass the Written Forklift Test and Passing the Forklift Practical Demonstration.
  • At the end, if the trainer is happy and satisfied with your grade, you will receive your wallet-size forklift license and certificate. These are your proofs that you’ve undergone OSHA forklift certification. You can present these to your prospective employer when looking for a job.
  • The forklift certification is valid for three years. If it expired, you need to take refresher course.

Types of Forklift Trucks

Forklift trucks come in many different sizes and forms. they also perform different functions and they can also be found in different worksites. That means, one forklift is unique in many different ways. If you are learning to operate a certain kind of forklifts, then the training curriculum you will be taking must be exact to the type of truck you are wishing to operate. This is not one size fits all.

Here are the different types of forklifts according to OSHA:

  • Class 1 Electric Motor Counterbalance
  • Class 2 Electric motor Narrow Aisle forklifts
  • Class 3 Electric motor Hand lifts
  • Class 4 Internal Combustion Counterbalance Cushion Tire forklifts
  • Class 5 Internal Combustion Counterbalance Pneumatic Tire forklifts
  • Class 6 Electric and Internal Combustion Tow Tractors
  • Class 7 Rough Terrain Trucks

The most commonly-used forklifts are:

  • Counterbalance forklift – It could be four or three wheeled. The most common you can find in many workplaces.
  • Reach truck – this kind of truck has different forms: stand-up or double-deep. Ideal for use in high-rise material stacking/reaching.
  • Walkie truck – is commonly used in low volume material transporting and can be operated with minimal effort. It is also called electric pallet truck.
  • Cherry Picker or Order Picker – This is commonly found in the warehouse with high rise stacking as well. The operator and controls move together with the raising mechanism allowing himself to be raised or lowered to pick needed materials from height. It is also called boomlift.
  • Dockstocker Lift – This truck can be driven with the operator either standing up or sitting down.

Many different types of forklifts exist as well, the above-mentioned are just a mere sample of all of them.

Forklift Training Schools in Los Angeles

Employers and individuals seek help from the training providers. These are trade schools that provide safety trainings on different heavy equipments of disciplines. Here are the forklift training schools in Los Angeles where you can enroll in:

  • Forklift Academy – Los Angeles, CA, Call: (818) 998-3277, Training cost if 150$
  • Certify Me – This training provider operates nationwide, they’ve been in the business for so long making them reputable. You can call them at 888-699-4800, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • A1 Forklift – Offers on-site, train the trainer, and hands-on forklift trainings. Contact 1-877-922-5438 for inquiry, they also serve nearby cities.
  • Boman Forklift Sales, Rental and Service – offers service in LA and in Southern California and has provided training to hundreds of drivers in various industries. Phone: 800-987-6261, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • USA Forklift License - 1358 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, Phone: (909)228-9006
  • Environmental Outsource, Inc. – performs operator training and evaluation in actual work or at their own facility, you can contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 323-728-4492 to make a schedule.
  • Forklift University - 7805 Telegraph Rd Unit E Montebello, California 90640, Toll Free: (888) 674-9992, Phone: 602-903-1895, 909-740-3647
  • Southern California Material Handling (SCMH) - For more details about the training, make an inquiry at 562-654-3627, cost is $125 if it is to be conducted at their facility and $100 if training is to be performed at the employer’s site. Also gives train the trainer training.
  • Forklift Certification (FLC) – Serves LA and other neighboring cities and other states as well, they’ve been providing training for decades already making one of the dependable provider in the business. You may call 1- (888) 278-8896 to make inquiry and schedule.
  • Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles – Provides operator training for Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 types of forklift trucks, aside from those, this school also provides other safety trainings. You can call: (888) 388-5745.
  • US Forklift Certification (USFC) – serves LA and surrounding locations and nationwide, Call (866) 556-8732 (USFC).
  • Forklift Nation – This company not only sells and rents forklifts, they also provide operator training of their products. Weekend classes are also available. You can contact their phone at (888) 329-5438 to arrange for a schedule.
  • Respond Systems – onsite training is available, ideal for employers who want to take the training in actual workplace. Telephone: 800 480 5855
  • PDQ Rentals - Toll Free: 1-800-300-9997, Phones: 818-504-4900, 562-944-3206. The training cost $85 per person. There is minimum number of students per class, the class should be at least $500 before training can commence, unless a training is scheduled in their calendar already.
  • M & C Forklift Company - Primarily serves LA and other nearby cities. They can also give the training at the company’s own training facility. Their phone is 714-675-5438. Cost is $95 per person, group training is also available.
  • OC Forklift Certification – Call: 714-829-8260 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., onsite training cost $95excluding travel charge to get to the company’s location. Serves LA and neighboring cities.
  • Sensible Safety, Inc. – Beginner training and refresher course are available. Phone: (661) 250-3122, Fax: (661) 250-8122. they’re providing trainings in different fields for almost three decades already.
  • R&J Material Handling - Phone: (951)735-0000, Toll Free:(877)844-LIFT, Fax:(951)735-0074

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Salary of Forklift Operator in this City

As of March 31, 2017, the average forklift operator salary in Los Angeles is $38,292. Depending on many factors, salary may vary. It will depend on the knowledge and experience of an individual, but roughly the salary ranges from $33,981-$43,553. This does not include company perks and other bonuses.

Here’s the table how much salary you can receive if you are planning to work in other state or city:

You cant take your career farther, you could be your own company’s trainer, you can take the forklift train the trainer training course to get promoted.

A Word for Employer

Since, the employer is the one fully responsible for the provision of forklift training in order for the workers to meet the OSHA requirements, here are the guides/articles you can read if you are an employer.

It is important that all workers who operate forklifts are certified in its safe operation. It will boost your workers’ productivity and it is compliance to the law.

To Conclude This

Getting forklift license when you want to work as forklift operator in Los Angeles is prerequisite. It could skyrocket your career when are certified. Many opportunities exists for talented individuals like you, you can employed in airports, warehousing and storage companies. The training doesn’t take long to finish, it is just as short as a day or two. But the benefit is huge!

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